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The age old question is "can people change?" Can a person really decide to transform their life and then go about reinventing themselves? The answer is YES. So why do so many people seem to try and fail at making positive life changes? It all has to do with knowing where to start. 


Real stories, real people. Discover your passion for transforming lives!
By Rachel Krider
Rachel Krider Shane Krider

Transformation of a person starts on the inside and if successful it will begin to show on the outside. 

In this post I’m going to share my own story as it relates to the changes I’ve experienced from being on this transformation journey. You’ll also hear from Debbie Ruston and Paul Wheeler who have applied the same techniques with equally impressive results.

This is an insiders view highlighting the difference between simply reading a personal development book, and approaching your growth with a clear path of application in order to really transform your life significantly.  

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I began my journey of personal growth when I was 19 years old. I was going through a particularly rough time and a friend of mine gave me a gift - my very first personal development book - The Celestine Prophecy. I read it cover-to-cover and when I got to the end I went right back to the front and read it over again. That was it. I was hooked. 

I began spending every spare cent on personal development books. This journey began at a time when there was often too much month at the end of the money so I would purchase my books from second hand stores. I cherished them and took pride in my growing library. 

I began to see my life transform. There were instances where I could absolutely attribute  the things that I was creating to the growth I was experiencing through my new found knowledge. I still remember where I was sitting when I realized that EVERYTHING I had created, both the good and the bad situations, were as a result of me. My thoughts, actions or lack there of. It was frightening and invigorating all at the same time. 

Fast-forward 13 years on my PD journey and I found myself in a worse financial position than when I’d started down this blasted path. Where was I going wrong? 

Then my path crossed with Shane Krider (my now husband) and I learned through his training programs some very simple techniques on how to APPLY what I was learning from my PD journey in my life. Far out. What a revelation! It changed my approach to personal growth from that point forward. Incidentally, my results in every area of life also started to shift very quickly. 

I asked a couple of other students of the Prosperity of Life courses to share of their experiences first hand. Here’s what Debbie Ruston had to share:


“Very often people start studying personal development to improve one specific area of their life, and quite often that is in relation to reaching career or financial goals.  I was certainly one of those people.  I started on my personal development journey over 30 years ago.  The first 18 years I studied, I was still not really hitting the goals I had for myself.  I had some incredible success over those 18 years, but it was isolated to business.

I was then introduced to Shane Krider and his personal development program and that's when everything changed in my life. Not just business wise, but every single aspect or my life. My 

Paul and Alison Wheeler

business soared to new heights I had only previously dreamed about achieving.  The knowledge I gained wasn't something I simply studied, it became my default thinking which started to transform all aspects of my life.  

My relationships grew stronger than ever.  My level of certainty, decision-making, confidence, self-esteem, parenting, all grew to new heights. I no longer second-guessed myself; I had learned to make powerful, bold decisions that led me towards my goals. I became more courageous, and wasn't held  back any longer by limiting beliefs and fears

that had previously affected my results.  I took personal responsibility for my health and fitness, and became a person that doesn't just accept medical opinions such as a "pill" to mask a problem, but looks for alternatives and solutions outside of traditional medicine.  As a result I have been able to correct things in my health that would previously have resulted in taking medications. 

This mindset has also overflowed and benefited my husband and both my grown children. They have all become successful 

entrepreneurs, and are living life by their 

own definition. Our daughter also applied this thinking to giving birth to her first child and had a very successful home birth with no medication, creating a beautiful experience for her and her husband.

This program has positively changed my life in every regard. It allowed me to let go of my past thinking, and build my life on principles that work. The beautiful thing about building your life on principles is that it doesn't just apply to one aspect of life, it overflows and benefits you in everything you do”.

                                              Debbie Ruston

Paul and Alison Wheeler


“For me it really began in 2007. A friend of mine had witnessed me go through a significant decline. I became quite shut down, resentful and depressed. Alison (my now wife) said to me that if I went to the doctors I would probably be diagnosed with depression. I had let life experiences really get to me.

That friend wanted me to do a personal development workshop so I went to a free intro session and decided to do it. I gained a lot from those courses realizing
 that I am doing this to me so what the hell am I doing?  

That gave me the kick-start to continue my own development. The only trouble I had was, as good as those courses were, I walked away with a ton of information and no idea of how to use it.

I continued with the next thing that showed up because I knew that this was the way to improve my life, to improve my attitude, to improve me.

Just before my daughter was born I was determined to take a higher level of control. I was ready and willing to create my life the way I wanted it to be.  

That's when I discovered Prosperity of Life and Beyond Freedom Evolution. This was the first program that was structured in a way that I could actually implement desired changes in 

my life. This is the difference maker. This is not just a “go away and do a workshop, get all pumped up and come back to your life” scenario. This is a step-by-step process for anyone who wants to transform their life. Period. So I did”. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Paul Wheeler

If you have a desire to transform your life while helping others to do the same then reach out today. 

Rachel Krider

Take your next step on your road to success today!