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Choosing Something Better

By Shane Krider posted November 20th 2016
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In this section you will learn exactly what each role within the Prosperity of Life Network has to offer. Read and decide which of these options will best assist you in achieving your goals and taking your life to the next level.


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Network Director

Maximum earning potential

A Network Director is not a Coach. A Network Director earns money by doing three things:

1. Selling our Courses, Trainings and Seminars.
2. Enrolling new members into your Network to sell these products.
3. Enrolling others to become Business or Life Coaches.

A "Network" is the name we give to the collective of individuals you have a business relationship with. Your Network includes the Directors, Coaches and Clients/Students who are linked to you. Check out the Compensation Plan video to better understand how these relationships are created and all of the ways you get paid as a Network Director.

Business/Life Coach

Life/Business Coach

Person to person Transformation

Not all Coaches are equal. There are certain aspects of your unique personality that can give you an edge. That being said, you are only as good as your tools. Most coaching focuses in at the level of problem solving and incremental growth. This can be a painfully slow and tedious process that leaves both the Coach and the Client flat.

While this type of Coaching can be very useful for fine tuning it becomes increasingly complex and difficult as you try to pin down the exact issue to create the desired outcomes.

If you're ready to get unparalleled wins with your clients, there is an alternative approach. We will teach you to target something much more fundamental. And when you shift something fundamental, everything else shifts as a byproduct.

If you have a desire to work one-on-one and with groups to achieve these outcomes then check out the Life/Business Coaching video.



Your Transformation is your priority

As a Prosperity Of Life Student or Client you will receive the very best training and coaching available today. You will be introduced to concepts so powerful that you will begin to understand what Transformation is really about and what is actually possible.

There are two way to participate, and we recommend a combination of both. One, you can progress your way through our course and seminar lineup, and two, you can be put in contact with a certified Prosperity Of Life, Life or Business Coach, and experience new levels of insight and clarity.

Life/Business Coaching

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