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By Shane Krider posted November 20, 2016

Master Of Destinies Coaching Training
Understanding the mind to become a Coach or just a more capable leader.

One of the biggest obstacles to transformation is the stubborn belief in incremental change. Real change is rarely incremental.

Emotions, behavior and life or situation outcomes are the byproduct of the story one has created about life and what role they have cast themselves in. As an example, most people see themselves as a victim, at least to some degree, in the story of their life.

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Whether this assessment is correct or incorrect is really inconsequential. True or not, this perception locks the individual into that way of seeing things. This idea becomes a powerful "pre-frame" that taints every perception of every event that this person will ever experience.

The challenge is that as long as a person sees them self as a victim, they will subconsciously act as a victim. You cannot be proactive and see yourself as a victim. Inevitably, if you see yourself as a victim and try to take proactive steps, you will experience greater and greater levels of unexpected and unfair situations and events, and this will convince you to an even greater degree that you are in fact, a victim. 

For a person to change, they need to transform. This means that they literally become something different. Their self perception must change, and their Story of life must change, and when it does, they will show up not as the victim, they will show up as an empowered confident proactive person who is getting things done. 

A person can do affirmations saying that they are confident, but if in doing so they are actually expressing victim, the affirmation will only serve to lock in the emotional/perceptive state of victim.

Changing a person's story is where transformation begins. This is a shift, not a transition. And when the shift happens, all of the other issues that were being created by operating in a reduced 

role cease to be created in the first place. This is personal 

growth on a totally different level.

With our coaching training you will learn more than a dozen basic concepts that will give you an immediate and keen insight into the person that you are speaking with. You will not only be able to see exactly what they need to shift but you will already know what is going on in their life, based solely on "who" they are showing up as.

17 Day Personal Prosperity System- Home Study

Take a journey behind the sense of your own perceptions. Watch as your mind builds what you think of as reality and see how your blind faith in this interpretative construct is actually the source of a persons inability to transform their mind, their life and their experience or reality on a dime.

It seems that changing one's life is hard, but it is not. Transformation in any direction is not only easy, it is actually effortless. But only if you can see through the illusions of your own mind to the possibilities that are all around you.

In the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System we focus on six mind bending topics. These topics are:

  • The Six Higher Faculties Of Mind
  • Internal vs External Reality
  • The Sixth Sense Zone
  • Collapsing The Field
  • Love And Gratitude Compass 
  • Seeing The Subliminal
Prosperity Of Life 17 Day Personal Prosperity System

These six ideas will change your story of life, your role in it and how you approach every situation of life you encounter. You will gain a perspective that will give you power over limiting beliefs, fear, inhibitions and your emotional state.

This is an intensive crash course that is designed to wake you up, get you thinking proactively, get you on purpose and strip away counterproductive and outmoded ways of thinking and perceiving the world around you.

Master Of Destinies- Home Study

If the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System is a crash course and a wake up call, then Master Of Destinies is the big picture plan to assist you in building a life that you can upward spiral into that will lead you to greater and greater levels of satisfaction. Master Of Destinies is a 12 month course to keep you on track, always prepared for what's next and how to continually be one step ahead in your thinking and planning.

Life follows certain principles and when someone goes about changing their life, they will go through several different phases. Failure to recognise and be prepared for one of these phases will have one stagnate or even slide backwards unnecesarily. 

Become a student of Master Of Destines and break through each phase with confidence and understanding. There are many great personal development books and courses out there but few of them, if any, offer this kind of big picture plan along with daily insights and motivation to keep you on track. 

In the Master Of Destinies program you will learn from world champions, olympians, world class entrepreneurs and many others along with Shane Krider and his one of a kind insights.

Master Of Destinies is Broken into Seven stages. The Seven Stages are:

  • Know For Yourself
  • Departure
  • Decision
  • Action
  • Foundation
  • Sovereignty 
  • Influence

These seven stages coincide with the seven phases of transformation, or regaining your personal power to create the life you desire on demand.

The Master Of Destinies curriculum is the backbone of the Prosperity Of Life Education. 

Master Of Destinies is sold in four stages:

M1, M2, M3, and M7. Here is how it breaks down. The first stage is M1. 

Master Of Destinies M1 contains:

     1.        Know For Yourself    
     2.        Departure                                      
     3.        Decision
     4.        Action 

These elements make up our home study curriculum. In addition to this 12 month curriculum you also receive the recorded content from the first of each of the three of 

Prosperity Of Life Mi1 Master Of Destinies

our live seminars; M4 Foundation Live, an intensive one day communication workshop, M2 Sovereignty Live, a three day intensive wealth creation master class, and M3 Influence Live, a five day intensive masterclass on advanced personal development concepts. This is a robust course that is designed to be your companion on your road to greater and greater levels of success throughout your life. 

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Master Of Destinies- Live Events
Currently we hold two live seminars semi annually. Our M2 Sovereignty Live, now three day, wealth creation master class. 

Many of our Master Of Destinies students choose to attend M2 Sovereignty Live event each year.

Prosperity Of Life M2 Sovereignty Live

Master Of Destinies- Live Events
Currently we hold two live seminars semi annually. Our M3 Influence Live, now five day, advanced personal development and coaching techniques seminar.

Many of our Master Of Destinies students choose to attend M3 Influence Live event each year.

Prosperity Of Life M3 Influence Live

Master Of Destinies- Recorded Event Content
Master Of Destinies M7 contains the recorded content from all additional M2 Sovereignty Live and M3 Influence Live seminars. At this point there has been two additional seminars for each. So two additional M2 Sovereignty Live wealth creation seminars and two additional M3 Influence Live advanced personal development seminars. Many M1 students choose to continue their education through the Master Of Destinies product lineup and purchase the content from these four events. 

Prosperity Of Life Master Of Destinies M7

Master Of Destinies- Recorded Event Content

Master Of Destinies M7 Fast Track
contains both the complete M1 and M7 programs, but when purchased together you save $775.

Prosperity Of Live M7 Master Of Destinies Fast Track

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