One of the biggest differentiating factors of how an individual experiences life is summed up in one word - "LIFESTYLE". 
What most people do not 'get' is that 'lifestyle' is a choice that each of us makes. What you choose to spend your resources on, your time, energy and money, determines the lifestyle you will enjoy. Choose your lifestyle and then find a business that will support it.


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Rachel Krider

I saw others living the life I wanted, so I decided to make it happen for myself.

When you look into your future what do you see? How do you want to spend your time? What sort of life would you like to carve out for yourself?

These were the types of questions I began asking myself at 26 years old.

Now when I reflect over the past 15 years since I started my own business, working from home, the thing that I cherish the most is the freedom and the flexibility that my business affords me.

When others are in a mad dash to get the office, leaving earlier and earlier to beat the traffic, I’m having a 

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leisurely breakfast with my husband and daughter, followed by two hours of yoga. 

That’s my schedule pretty much every morning. 

Apart from checking a few emails first thing, my work day typically doesn’t start until around midday. I’m so grateful this is how my life turned out and had no idea after all these years, the thing I cherish the most is the freedom I have to spend my time how I choose. Right now, I’m working while laying 

by the pool, enjoying some rays and being invigorated by nature.

Absolutely beats those office days, sweaty in a suit. I’ll take the pool any day! 

Of course, it hasn’t always been this way. When I began my journey I sacrificed the very thing that I was looking to create. I wanted more time and more money. But in order to create that as a reality, I initially had to invest more time into my business and money that I didn’t have in order to reap the 

rewards. It was so worth it. I could have invested that same time (and therefore money) working for someone else and building their dream. I’d be no better off and a slave to my choices. 

I asked two of our leading Associates, Lise Reitsma from Canada and Simon Haggard from the Sunshine Coast, to share what they've been able to create in their respective businesses since they began their journey with us.


“One of my biggest struggles in my past life as a teacher was the lack of freedom I felt with my time and schedule. My husband Jeremy is originally from Sydney, Australia and we always felt confined to traveling during the peak school holidays and only ever for a couple of weeks at a time at the most.

Since getting started here with my business things have totally changed for us. Last year alone we travelled to 12 countries and my business didn’t skip a beat. We brought the business along and I found myself working aboard a cruise ship along the coast of Europe, a sailboat in the Grenadine Islands, and the 

Lise and Jeremy Reitsma

shores of Australia just to name a few. I am forever grateful that I own my time now and I call the shots. 

We have the freedom to travel wherever and whenever we want to, that’s something truly special. We take days off mid week to ski fresh powder and I don’t have to call in sick or ask anyone for permission. Life is absolutely amazing and we are creating it.” 

Simon and Kara Haggard


“I come from a retail management, sales and business background of over 22 years. Always working for someone else and building their business.
I went looking for a change and a vehicle to allow me to reach new goals, so I went looking for an exit strategy from my previous B2B Sales role. I no longer wanted to have to deal with someone else’s agenda or having the sales target goal posts moved on me. I didn’t want to travel to an office or worry about staff, something that previously I have had to do. I also wanted to surround myself with people who were genuinely achieving more in life and operating with integrity ethics and values. I had a nine month old son at home at the time when I went searching and I was determined to find the balance against these competing priorities.

Then I found this industry and today I work my online business from the comfort of home with the flexibility and autonomy allowing me to work around our commitments as a blended family with five kids.

This business has afforded us with the opportunities to travel, all seven of us  

 went to a company conference on a cruise out of Singapore. We’ve moved our family into a new home and today we work full time from home with the flexibility and ability to generate over $10,000 per month.

Obviously financially it’s been tremendous, replacing an executive level income in  

my first six months, however better than that – I am grateful to be able to work from home with flexibility that this affords both the family and myself. As a Dad, partner and independent business owner I get to choose what’s on my agenda day by day, week by week”.

                                Simon Haggard. 


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Rachel Krider

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