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For example, to some degree most people see themselves as a victim in the struggle that is their life. True or not, this perception locks the individual into a specific way of seeing things. This idea becomes a powerful "pre-frame" that taints every perception of every event that they will ever experience.

Said another way, we take a piece of every bad experience with us into the future as a tactic to avoid future pain. We watch out for anything that reminds us of our past failures. In doing this we unconsciously set up a subtle expectation of bad things happening to us in the future. Sooner or later that subtle expectation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Even worse, the tactic of avoiding future pain based on past experience compounds over time and makes being in the moment, proactive and fully engaged, painful and that pain makes it next to impossible to stick with anything that has the potential to significantly improve your life.

Most people mistakenly believe they lack the willpower to make permanent changes in their life, but this is not a willpower issue.

You can't play two roles at once. If, on one hand, you are looking backwards trying to avoid repeating the past, awkwardly and insecurely taking steps and finding it increasingly difficult to really commit to anything, you cannot possibly be projecting confidence, vision and a leadership presence. Others pick up on this, which kills your credibility and the confidence they might have had in you.

All lasting and effortless change starts at the level of perception. And to permanently change your perception you need to learn to see how your mind, and your "unconscious" mind, are constantly creating every aspect of your current reality every minute of every day.

With our proprietary coaching training you will learn fundamental concepts that will give you immediate and clear insights into yourself and others.

Your point of view will change - and as it changes you will become naturally more confident and competent and success will become increasingly effortless.

Obviously, for those who are serious about creating wealth, obviously mindset is only half the equation. If you are going to transform your life permanently from a wealth standpoint, there are some things you will need to learn in that area as well.

You will need to learn how to get your money working for you. Our goal is to provide an education that teaches you how the people who made themselves rich through investing did so. And how to go from little-to-no investing knowledge, to becoming an intelligent "insider" or "visionary" investor. More on that in a minute.

Money can be a taboo subject in today's society. This is ridiculous and destructive to people's lives. Money is nothing more than energy. Money is just a stand in for the value that is collectively created in a society. Making money, investing money and becoming independently wealthy are all things that a person should know how to do. But our current system fails in this department and instead, sets people up for failure.

People who get rich and stay rich either get lucky or are directly taught how to get rich. But this education does not come from the mainstream and in no way resembles what you've learned in school or from your peers.

Prosperity Of Life's financial education is revealing, exciting and empowering. It's not about math, it's about learning to see the future that is unfolding before our eyes, and how to invest in that future.

We also cover simple but little known money making and investing principles that assist you in developing your own Road To Wealth Plan based on your goals, your personality, your passions and your timeline.

There has never been a more exciting time in history with such a real possibility to create significant wealth than right now. And there has never been such an approachable, no nonsense course to get you on the right track than this.
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